An introduction to our Unofficial Eurovision 2020!

Let us introduce the UNOFFICIAL EUROVISION 2020 – our own Eurovision competition for 2020! Since the original version was canceled due to the spread of coronavirus, we welcome you to join us to take part in the voting procedur in our version of Eurovision 2020!

Before we start, we want to say that this competition is only three off-the-record shows. This means that the actually winner in the Grand Final will not be the real winner of the 2020 edition of Eurovision Song Contest. However, since we are huge fans of the contest we didn’t wanna wait to 2021 to rate the songs. Therefor we have decided to do this unofficial song contest, and we need your help and support to decide the winner!


How will it work?

We have chosen to keep the core of the competition as in real Eurovision, ie. with two Semi-Finals and the Grand Final. But instead that the results will be decided by national Juries and tele voting, in this Unofficial competition the results will be decided by You, as a reader, together with Us writers at ESC-Panelen. Together we will decide which songs that will qualify from the Semi-Finals and then decide the winning song in the Grand Final.

To make the competition as fair as possible will we both distribute the same points to the songs, in this case a 464 points each in each the two Semi-Finals and in the Grand Final.

The voting procedur for the Semi-Finals will begin on March 27 and concludes on April 30. The results will be official released on May 2 in Eurovision Radio International’s show. As soon as we have announced the 20 qualifiers we will open the Grand Final poll, which will remain open until May 15. One day later, on May 16, we will announce the results in the Eurovision Lockdown show at Eurovision Radio International.

NB: A lot of the information in this contest will be written in Swedish. So to our international followers we will make a summary of the rules for you in this article.



The Semi-Finals

As we mentioned earlier, you will have the opportunity to vote for the songs you want to hear again in the Grand Final. On March 27 we will open an online voting poll where you can vote for your ten favourite songs in each Semi-Final. When the poll has closed, on April 30, we will convert the percentage distribution for each song to points. This will be done by multiplying the percentage with the 464 points in each program. For example, if you have given ”Country A” ten percent of the votes, that means that ”Country A” will get 10 percent of the reader’s score of 464 points.

In addition to the reader votes, the writers on ESC-Panelen will act as the jury of the competition. Each and everyone will rank the songs in each Semi-Final and give points to the top 10 favourite songs. It’s winning song will get 12 points, the second favourite will get 10 points, the third favourite will get 8 points, and so on 7 to 1 points – as it is in Eurovision! Our total score in each Semi-Final will therefor be 464 points!

When both sides have cast it’s votes, we will add-up the scores. The ten songs in each Semi-Final that have recived the highest amount of points will join the line-up in teh Grand Final. These results will be revealed on May 10.


The Grand Final

The 20 songs with the highest scores in the two Semi-Finals will then take part in the Grand Final, where they will be joined by the ”Big Five” countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) plus the Host Country The Netherlands.

The voting procedure will be exactly the same as it is in the Semi-Finals, and it will start as soon as we have the official results from the semis. The voting will be closed on May 16, and after that we will announce the winner!


For your information

– In the semi-final polls, we have decided the order which the songs will compete in. However, this is based on the results of the semi-final allocation draw, which was made in January. The official line-up was announced on March 27. The polls are open and you can vote here:

Remember: It is allowed to vote for your own country!

– In the case of a tie-situation, the readers’ votes will win over ESC-Panelen’s jury votes.

It is possible to vote on all songs in the competition, as long as you not chose more than ten (10) favourites in each program. However, this means that we have chosen to not have any geographical blocking!


Dates to look forward to

  • March 27: The Semi-Final polls opened.
  • April 3: This week’s favorite songs (part 1).
  • April 9-29: Daily presentations of the 41 countries songs and artists.
  • April 10: This week’s favorite songs (part 2).
  • April 17: This week’s favorite songs (part 3).
  • April 24: This week’s favorite songs (part 4).
  • April 30: The Semi-Final polls will close.
  • May 1: This week’s favorite songs (part 5).
  • May 2: The Semi-final results will be announced in the Eurovision Radio International show.
  • May 2: The Grand Final poll will open (after the show).
  • May 8: This week’s favorite songs (part 6).
  • May 15: The Grand Final poll will close.
  • May 16: The Grand Final result will be announced in the Eurovision Lockdown show at Eurovision Radio International.