The Unofficial ESC 2020: Semi-Finals running order

UNOFFICIAL EUROVISION 2020. Until April 30 it’s possible to vote in our own Inofficial Eurovision 2020. Here are information about the two Semi-Finals, the running order and the voting links.


About this project

Since the EBU cancelled Eurovision 2020 we will run the Unofficial Eurovision 2020. However, this competition is only three off-the-record shows which means that the actually winner in the Grand Final will not be the real winner of the 2020 edition of Eurovision Song Contest. Since we are huge fans of the contest we didn’t wanna wait to 2021 to rate the songs. With that in mind we have decided to do this inofficial song contest to decide a winner!

Firstly we need your help to decide which songs we are going to send to the Grand Final. Until April 30, you are allowed to vote for your favourite songs in each Semi-Final. Please follow these links:

Remember: It is allowed to vote for your own country!


Here how it works

In each Semi-Final, you choose your ten favourite songs. Each song you vote for will receive 1 vote from you, which means you do not necessary put the songs in any particular order, besides that they have to be your favorite songs!

When we have closed both polls, we will convert the votes percentage to points. For example, if you have given “Country A” ten percent of the votes, that means that “Country A” will get 10 percent of the reader’s score. In this case, the reader’s total sum is 464 points in each Semi-final. This is also 50 percent of the results in each Semi-final.

The remaining 50 percent in each Semi-Final are the Jury votes, which in this project are the writers at ESC-Panelen. Each and one of us writers will give points to our ten favourite songs in each Semi-final based on the Eurovision scale: 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point. Overall, we also award a total sum of 464 points in each Semi-final.

The ten song in each Semi-final who have received the highest total scores from the readers and us writers (in add-up results) will get through to the Grand Final, where they will battle for the victory. Besides the 20 semi-final qualifiers we will add the Final line-up with the six pre qualified countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom), as well as the Host country The Netherlands. This means that we will have a total of 26 finalists!


When will we announce the results?

The results for the two Semi-finals will be announced on May 2 in a special show at Eurovision Radio International. As soon as we have announced the results, the poll for the Grand Final will open, and it will remain open until May 15. One day later, on May 16, we will announce the Grand Final results in the Eurovision Lockdown show on Eurovision Radio International!


The Semi-Final running order

The running order for the two Semi-finals was decided by us, but they were based on the results of the semi-final allocation draw.


Semi-Final 1

  1. ireland_smallIreland
  2. belarus_smallBelarus
  3. North Macedonia
  4. sweden_smallSweden
  5. Slovenia
  6. lithuania_smallLithuania
  7. australia_smallAustralia
  8. Russia
  9. malta_smallMalta
  10. romania_smallRomania
  11. Croatia
  12. Israel
  13. belgium_smallBelgium
  14. Ukraine
  15. cyprus_smallCyprus
  16. norway_smallNorway
  17. azerbaijan_smallAzerbaijan


Semi-Final 2

  1. Greece
  2. Czech republic
  3. Moldova
  4. iceland_smallIceland
  5. estonia_smallEstonia
  6. San Marino
  7. poland_bigPoland
  8. serbia_smallSerbia
  9. austria_smallAustria
  10. Albania
  11. Armenia
  12. switzerland_smallSwitzerland
  13. portugal_smallPortugal
  14. latvia_smallLatvia
  15. Bulgaria
  16. Georgia
  17. finland_smallFinland
  18. denmark_smallDenmark



Dates to look forward to

  • April 3: This week’s favorite songs (part 1).
  • April 9-29: Daily presentations of the 41 countries songs and artists.
  • April 10: This week’s favorite songs (part 2).
  • April 17: This week’s favorite songs (part 3).
  • April 24: This week’s favorite songs (part 4).
  • April 30: The Semi-Final polls will close.
  • May 1: This week’s favorite songs (part 5).
  • May 2: The Semi-final results will be announced in the Eurovision Radio International show.
  • May 2: The Grand Final poll will open (after the show).
  • May 8: This week’s favorite songs (part 6).
  • May 15: The Grand Final poll will close.
  • May 16: The Grand Final result will be announced in the Eurovision Lockdown show at Eurovision Radio International.