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FOR YOUR INFORMATION. ESC-Panelen is a Swedish website regarding the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), the Swedish national Eurovision selection Melodifestivalen and other countries’ national selections for the ESC. We rate & monitor everything related to Eurovision Song Contest, during the year.


How it all started

The project started in January 2009 as a blog  by the writer Robert (or Robban as he calls himself here) and his two best friends, on the occasion of theirs great interest in Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest. After the 2009 season they decided to continue the Eurovision journey and so has the story continued every year since. ESC-Panelen, as project, takes place all year round, only cause we love Eurovision so much! Don’t you agree on that?

Today, ESC-Panelen consists of eight people in different ages and preferences in music taste, but with a common interest to follow and talk about the Eurovision Song Contest and all the national selections, including the Swedish selection Melodifestivalen.

If you want to know more about what we have done during the years, please check the storylines.


If you have any questions…

…or perhaps you want to leave hints? You are more than welcome to talk Eurovision with us! To take part in the debate, please make a comment on any page or article. If you don’t want to make a comment here, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

You can also send us an email. Our address is info@escpanelen.se

If you want to get in touch with any of us individually, simply email “name”@escpanelen.se (replace the first name of the person you want to e-mail).


We’re welcoming you to the ESC-Panelen Family, where Eurovision is on the schedule every day!




Get to know us in person

We’re start with our founder, Robban, who has been with the ESC-Panelen project since the first Panelen season in 2009. He’s the only writer who has taken part in every season! He’s passionate about the traditional schlager genre and Balkan ballads. Outside the Contest and ESC-Panelen project Robban has a great interest in sports, especially football.

Next in line we have Haris, who joined us in early 2011. He has watched the ESC since 1996 – and has never missed a single final!

In early 2014 Hollac16 joined the project. He was at that time an anonymous blogger on Poplight (an, of that time, another Swedish website about ESC and Melodifestivalen) but he got the offer to join ESC-Panelen, and he said yes immediately! Hollac16s real name is Olof, but he still use his nickname for some reasons…

One year later, in April 2015, Adrian or the ”Schlagermagistern” (the Schlager teacher) as we also calls him, became a part of this project. When it comes to statistics and analyzes in an Eurovision style – it’s Adrian who knows the magic words and makes it exiting!

In late 2017, Lukas and Markus joind us. We’re so glad to have them with us because of their great intrerest in the Contest, and their specialties in the music. They are both huge fans of Eurovision and the national selections as well as other intrerests. Lukas’ likes fotball and Cosplay and Markus likes geocaching, read books and tries to learn other languages. Among other things!

In 2019, we got the great opportunity to recrute two more writers to the team. During the summer, Tanja joined the team, and in November her sister Katja joined us as well. They have both follwed and liked Melodifestivalen and Eurovision since their childhood and has a great intresest in the contest. Tanja’s all time favourite song is ”Lanje Moje” with Zeljko Joksimovic (Serbia and Montenegro 2004), while Katja’s favourite are Mihai’s ”Tornerò” (Romania, 2006).

Our latest member Gabriel joined us in the beginning of January 2022! He is a big fan of both Melodifestivalen and Eurovision Song Contest and two of his favourite songs are ”Diggiloo Diggiley” (Herreys, Sweden 1984) and ”No degree of Separation” (Francesca Michielin, Italy 2016).


Previously writers

Since the start of this project in January 2009, we have had several writers who took part in ESC-Panelen, but who for various reasons then left their assignment. We would like to thank them for their efforts, and if you want to come back to us, our door is always open!


Can I join your team?

If you, like us, has a great interest regarding the Eurovision, Melodifestivalen and other countries national selections for ESC, then you are more than welcome to join us! If so, please submit your application to our e-mail: info@escpanelen.se

NB: Since we are a Swedish website we’re only write our articles in Swedish.



Other Eurovision sites and blogs

Here follows some of the common websites and blogs who writes about the Eurovision Song Contest. We give tips on both Swedish and international Eurovision fan sites, as well as the Contest’s official web site. (SWE) means the linked blog or site is mainly written in Swedish.




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Om ESC-Panelen

ESC-Panelen är ett forum med nio personer som tycker till om allt som rör Eurovision Song Contest, Melodifestivalen och andra länders nationella uttagningar. Vi är en fristående grupp från Melodifestivalens respektive Eurovisions redaktioner.

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För alla er Eurovision-fantaster vill vi tipsa om musikkanalen ESCRadio som spelar Eurovisionmusik dygnet runt, året om. Dessutom sänder kanalen Radio International direktsända program om Eurovision en gång i veckan.

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