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ESC-Panelen is a Swedish website regarding the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), Melodifestivalen and other countries’ national selections for the ESC. We rate & monitor everything related to Eurovision Song Contest, during the year.

The website was founded in January 2009 by the panel member Robban. He created ESC-Panelen as a blog with some friends due to their great interest in Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest. Since then, the panel members have come and gone but the panel consists strong. In 2015 we converted the blog into a website.

Today, the panel consists of five people in different ages and with different preferences in music taste, but with a common interest in the Eurovision Song Contest and Melodifestivalen. At this website you can read all the latest news about the Eurovision Song Contest and Melodifestivalen as well as other countries competitions. We also set up helpful links, charts, reviews and our different panel projects.

If you have any questions (or perhaps you want to leave hints), just send an email to info@escpanelen.se. If you like to get in touch with any individual, simply email “name”@escpanelen.se (replace the first name of the person you want to e-mail). We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and from 2016 also as a podcast.

Do you want to read about what we in the panel have done before 2009 – click here!

PS: En svensk version av denna text finns att läsa här.


Our panel members

Since 2017 the panel consists of these five persons:








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